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Obeying All Child's Desires Can Be Negative, This Is The Way To Stop It

Instead of bother, some parents choose to obey all the wishes of children, even for things that are actually out of bounds. If allowed to continue, this can actually bring a negative impact on growth and development you know. Parents usually obey all the wishes of the child, in order to make up for the guilt to the child, for example because they are too busy working. In addition, the feeling of not being ready to face a tantrum child can also be one of the reasons parents obey all requests of children. Though this is one of the characteristics of poor parenting. Negative Impact Obey All Children Desires Obeying all the wishes of the child, not only always in the form of goods or material. Giving very loose rules to the child or freeing the child to do what he wants without any consequences, can also be a form of obeying all the wishes of the child. If left unchecked, this can have a negative impact on children. Some of them are: 1. Making it difficult for children to follow the
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This is a Fruit that Contains High Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the important nutrients for health because of its diverse benefits, ranging from increasing endurance, helping the absorption of iron, to produce collagen. To get a variety of benefits, you can consume various fruits that contain vitamin C below. You may have heard the suggestion very often to consume oranges so that vitamin C needs are fulfilled. It's true that oranges are rich in vitamin C, but actually, fruits that contain large amounts of vitamin C aren't just oranges. There are various kinds of fruit that also contain high amounts of vitamin C. Doses of Vitamin C that need to be taken every day Vitamin C needs for each person are not the same, depending on age, sex, and health conditions. The following is the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, based on age and sex: Ages 0-9 years: 40-50 mg / day. Teenage boys aged 10-15 years: 50-75 mg / day. Men 16 years and over: 90 mg / day. Adolescent girls aged 10-15 years: 50-60 mg / day. Women 16 y

Come on, Find Out Effective Tooth Pain Medication

There are a variety of home care to medical treatments that can be used as pain medicine for pain. The treatment depends on the cause of tooth ache and the severity of the condition. Home care can be used to treat minor aching teeth, while medical care may be needed as a treatment for more severe aching teeth. Tooth ache after consuming certain foods and drinks or after brushing your teeth can be a sign of a sensitive tooth problem. Pain in the teeth occurs when the gums shrink or when the protective tooth is eroded, and the food touches the layer of dentin. Dentin has super small tubes which number in the thousands and lead to the nerve center of the tooth. When hot, cold, sour, or sweet foods touch the nerves directly, there arises pain and causes the teeth feel achy. In addition, the condition of cavities, broken teeth, or a thin layer of enamel can also be a cause of the emergence of pain. Brushing teeth too tight, toothbrush bristles that are too rough, habit of grinding your